Nadine & Alba

How it all began …

Before knowing each other, Nadine and Alba were both trying to live a more sustainable and ethical life. Buying fast fashion and single-use items was just not cutting it for them anymore. So, they both started to inform themselves and to look for sustainable brands that treated their workers and the environment in the fairest way possible.

Not long after starting to work together, Nadine proudly wore her new shoes to work, produced from plastic bottles found in the ocean. That same day, Alba got delivered to the office the same shoes (in a different colour)! It was an extraordinary coincidence that turned into a friendship and a once in a lifetime project, The Green Gaia.

So what’s the idea?

When Nadine and Alba bonded over the recycled shoes, they felt that what was missing from the market were not options and amazing brands, but a holistic platform putting together all those sustainable solutions. With this in mind, they created a European platform to showcase already existing products and approaches as well as provide relevant information and ideas. The partners and chosen supported NGOs benefit from sales and revenue just as much as customers and the environment benefit from local production, sustainable consumption, and a more ethical everyday life.

Who are we? Nadine & Alba

Nadine The Green Gaia


CEO & Co-Founder

Nadine studied toursim and then digital business management, has worked in several e-commerce startups and has built and relaunched (and relauched again) a few online shops. But some things bothered her through the years: she always wanted to do things differently and she wanted to do something meaningful. So one day she said “Fuck it” and left for South Africa where she became a safari field guide, travelled, learned a lot about nature and the environment, and went through some crazy times. Being back, it was time to change!


CEO & Co-Founder

Alba spent her 20s studying, living, and working in different countries and learning from other cultures (from Spain to Australia and to the US, from England to Wales, and then Germany). When she moved to Germany in 2017 and thanks to her language and social skills, Alba landed a job in an e-commerce startup company and later became an e-commerce consultant for international markets. But her free-spirited self needed more from life. She had always wanted to be her own boss and needed to work in accordance with her ethics, with products she believed in. It was time to change!

Alba The Green Gaia

What next?