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Because changing the world together is easier.

The Green Gaia is a project born from the desire of creating an honest and ethical European platform for sustainable products that offer solutions to everyday items and environmental awareness.

What are we offering you?

  • Exposure: additional online exposure for products and content and new potential customers looking for related sustainable products
  • Sales based commission: no set-up costs and commission only based on transactions
  • Internationalisation: our site operates in the 4 most spoken languages in Europe
  • Collaboration and community: because changing the world together is better
  • Supporting NGOs: collaborate with trusted NGOs indirectly and with no expenses

Hot does it work?

  1. Get in touch: we get to know each other and identify eligible poducts for The Green Gaia
  2. Contract: we agree on terms and conditions in an affiliate contract
  3. Final Setup: you provide all relevant product data, we create the product content and you have the last word on how it is presented
  4. Let’s go: We start offering your products and transferring our users to your site!

What are you bringing?

  • Eligibility: Fulfilling our four sustainability criteria
  • Product Data: providing all necessary product data and materials for us to present the products to our users
  • Reportings: ability to create monthly sales reportings based on your customer data to calculate our monthly commission
  • Trustworthyness: collaboration based on mutual trust 

Get in touch

At The Green Gaia, we believe in collaboration – not only to live more sustainably, but also to collect feedback and new inspiration. So, no matter what you have at heart, feel free to contact us.

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