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There are so many good products all across Europe helping people to live a more sustainable everyday life. The problem with all these isolated offers is that consumers don’t get the full picture and miss a lot of great products on the market. We believe there is a sustainable alternative for almost every product you normally use in your household on a daily basis. It just takes too much time and effort to research and find all of them. The Green Gaia creates a European platform for selected products that offer these solutions. Therefore, we set specific rules and ethical guidelines upon which we select and feature our partners.

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Ambiletics – Sustainable Activewear


Make it Matter

AMBILETICS is a sustainable sports and yoga label from Munich. Our vision is called MAKE IT MATTER and is aimed at active women who do not do things by halves – both in sports and in sustainability.


Hi there, bottle!

For our collection we use, among other things, recycled PET bottles. Consisting of recycled polyester, the combination of sports bra and leggings not only convinces with an unbeatable fit, but also with maximum functionality. The colourful design guarantees a good mood workout.


Sustainable materials

AMBILETICS’ sport leggings, bras, T-shirts and tank tops are made entirely or partially from recycled PET bottles and plastic waste. This waste is washed, sorted, crushed and reprocessed into fibres. This is particularly resource-saving, as less water and oil are used. Furthermore, all styles are PETA certified.

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HALM produces the most sustainable, hygienic and tasteful alternative to plastic drinking straws. HALM has already prevented over a trillion plastic drinking straws from ending up on rubbish tips! HALM glass drinking straws are produced 100% in Germany, under fair working conditions and with solar energy. All packaging is FSC-certified, 100% free of plastic and fossil fuels. Glass drinking straws from HALM are not only sustainable, they also provide the best drinking experience through the pure taste and unique feeling of HALM on your lips.

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Less Waste Club


With the Less Waste Club, we have made it our goal to see plastic as a raw material that can do much more than end up on the rubbish tip after a single use. Our mission is to reduce the amount of plastic waste in daily use. We want to make obvious things easier, more efficient and above all more sustainable.
By the end of 2021 we want to ban 1,000,000 disposable plastic bottles from German bathrooms. As a Less Waste Club, we are convinced that everyday products must be able to do more. But above all, they must become more sustainable. They must make life a little easier, adapt to current needs and create individual experiences while maintaining the same quality. Together we can make a great contribution to a clean future.

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Our sustainability criteria

All of our partner products fulfill these criteria:

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