Sustainability all the way

Finance, IT infrastructure, burocracy – when we started The Green Gaia we wanted to do the things not only the right way, but also the green way. Our aim is to integrate sustainability across all business activities and levels. It is not easy sometimes, we have to be creative and unconventional at times and also make some compromises here and there. It’s challenging at times, but we do it the way we always do things: step by step sustainably.

Find out how we deal with sustainability behind the curtain. Step by step. 

RAIDBOXES – climate positive hosting from hydropower that plants trees

Our hosting partner RAIDBOXES supports the Eden Reforestation Projects which reduces extreme poverty and regenerates healthy forests by employing local villagers who plant millions of trees each year. For every site they host for their clients they plant a tree. In addition to reforestation they support the Get Mads initiative, an initiative investing in climate-friendly projects in developing countries. Furthermore they rely on sustainable, certified green electricity from hydropower for their data centres and their offices. Of course they also guarantee maximum data security in accordance with the EU GDPR with all their server locations in Germany. A storng partner for our sustainable ecommerce platform.

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GLS – the bank where your money drives the change you want

The GLS Bank was the first social-ecological bank in Germany, founded in 1974. GLS translates to “Bank-Cooperative for loans and donations”. Their clients’ money can support a variety of projects and businesses like organic farms, institutions for natural health, nursing homes, communal housing projects or sustainable businesses. When opening a bank account clients can choose their matter of heart for their money to be invested in. Publishing the companies they finance and a yearly sustainability statement they guarantee complete transparency. The investment and financing principles also tak the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into account.

Read more – secure and free email communication creates a space where secure and free communication can exist. All servers and data centers are located in Germany and run with eco-friendly energy. The company is fully self-funded and support an Internet that is secure and free of surveillance. They pay just as much attention to data protection accoring to EU standards as well as transparency as they publish a yearly report with all requests for information they have received from investigative authorities.

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Polarstern – the best green electricity from Germany

We might not have a real office yet, but the place where most of our work for the Green Gaia takes place is supplied with green electricity from hydropower. With Polarstern you know exactly where your power is produced – which in our case is through a hydropower plant in Feldkirchen am Inn. Numerous awards and test wins underline their ability and will to invest in the global energy transition.

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The biggest part of our sustainability efforts is of course the heart of our business model: our partners whose sustainablye products you can find in our online shop. They are all selected based on the following criteria.

Our sustainability criteria

All of our partner products fulfill these criteria: